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The dangers of driving in the dark 

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Winter is approaching which means darker mornings and evenings for most of us. To those who drive regularly, this presents some unique challenges.  

Studies indicate that over half of all fatal accidents occur at night time when it’s dark. Why is driving in the dark so dangerous? 

Poor visibility 

The visibility of road users can be impaired at night time in numerous ways. Firstly, humans just aren’t equipped to see that well in the dark. The eyes must constantly adjust to darker areas with sudden flashes of light from headlights and streetlights. Lights are supposed to be an aid in the dark. For the most part, they are. However, the glare from a light can place drivers in danger when it catches them off guard. 

The hazard perception of drivers also changes in the dark. It’s more difficult for people to measure how far a hazard is away from their vehicle. It can also be more difficult to accurately gauge following and stopping distances. 


For the most part, humans like to get all of their important activities done during the day when it’s light. Night time and the dark are a period of rest. The darker evenings mean that people aren’t only tired because they have had a long day at work, but the dark is telling them that they need to rest and sleep. 

While you can take measures to ensure that you are prepared and alert for driving in the dark, you can’t control other road users. If another driver’s negligence has caused you injuries, be sure to look into your legal options.