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Hurt On The Job? Turn To Our Lawyers For Guidance And Assistance.

The workers’ compensation system was designed to benefit both injured workers and employers. Unfortunately, it tends to work much better for employers and insurers than it does for injured workers. While you are not required to hire an attorney after an on-the-job accident, many workers find it either practically necessary or otherwise advantageous to do so.

If you’ve been injured at work in East Texas, our attorneys at Dobbs & Porter are ready to help you claim the benefits you need and deserve. Our practice is entirely dedicated to protecting the rights of the injured, and we can help you understand all your options following a workplace accident.

Is Your Employer Insured?

Most private companies in Texas have three options when it comes to addressing workers’ compensation. They can choose to obtain a workers’ comp policy through a private insurer, purchase a policy through the State Insurance Fund, or forego coverage altogether. Businesses in the last group are known as nonsubscribers.

Texas is unique when it comes to workers’ compensation, as we are the only state that does not require most private employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. While declining coverage saves money, it also leaves companies legally vulnerable to personal injury claims filed by their employees, since companies with workers’ comp insurance are protected from liability in most cases.

If you’ve been injured on the job and your employer is a subscriber, our attorneys can help you file a claim for the benefits you are entitled to. If your employer is a nonsubscriber, we can discuss other legal options you may have for seeking compensation after a workplace accident.

Common Work Accident And Injury Scenarios

Some workplaces are inherently more dangerous than others, but accidents can happen anywhere that work is occurring. Our firm can help you pursue a claim for benefits after nearly any type of accident or injury in the workplace, including:

In most cases, covered employees are entitled to medical benefits (having your bills covered or reimbursed) and partial income replacement when unable to work. For workers who suffer long-term or permanent disability or who can no longer return to the same work they previously did, other benefits may be available. The best way to understand your options is to consult an attorney like those at our firm.

Talk To An Experienced Attorney For Free

Dobbs & Porter is based in Tyler, and we serve clients throughout East Texas. To take advantage of a free initial consultation about your options after a workplace accident, call us at 903-310-1433 or submit an online contact form.