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Tips for driving safely around semi-trucks

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Trucking Accidents

Driving around semi-trucks is unavoidable. They play a major role in moving cargo across the United States, and drivers simply have to share the road with them.

But this can be risky because semi-trucks often weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Passenger cars, by comparison, are often around 4,000 pounds. This means that an accident involving a semi is very dangerous for someone in a passenger vehicle. The following tips can help them drive safely.

Stay out of blind spots

It’s dangerous to linger next to a large truck because the passenger vehicle could be in the blind spot on the side or even directly behind the truck. It’s best not to drive next to these trucks for any longer than necessary. Passes on the interstate should be made quickly and efficiently, for example.

Consider stopping distances

It’s also worth noting that semi-trucks have long stopping distances, which may be twice as long as a passenger car. Accidents happen because drivers sometimes do not give these trucks enough space. Never cut a truck off when it’s trying to stop.

Consider the turning differences

One of the biggest issues with semi-trucks is that they make very wide turns. This can lead to collisions when drivers inadvertently put themselves in danger. For example, a semi-truck that is turning right can make such a wide turn that a smaller vehicle would fit on the right side of the truck – where it would then get hit by the trailer as it sweeps through the turn. Due to the blind spots, the truck driver may not even see the smaller car.

Accidents involving semi-trucks often lead to serious injuries for those in other vehicles. Injured parties need to know how to seek financial compensation when necessary.