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Protect yourself from recalled power tools

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2024 | Defective Products, Personal Injury

Power tools are a staple in many Texan households. You trust that the companies selling these tools have tested them for safety. After all, using heavy-duty equipment already comes with certain risks. No matter how careful you are, a defective power tool exposes you to serious harm.

Continue practicing extra caution when using power tools

Regular use of power tools can sometimes make people complacent. They forget to wear protective gear or inspect the tool for signs of damage. However, defective power tools can make their way into people’s homes, increasing the risk of accidents.

Just last year, a company had to recall 85,000 hedge trimmers after discovering that units can activate unexpectedly. Eight of the 34 incidents resulted in lacerations that required stitches. There were also over 600,000 units of drill hammers recalled due to a slippery side handle. One incident resulted in a torn rotator cuff injury.

These incidents highlight the importance of continuous vigilance when using power tools. Some practices to keep in mind are:

  • Work under proper lighting
  • Avoid working when sleepy or tired
  • Inspect all tools, including new and old
  • Read the manual for how to use and troubleshoot a product properly
  • Watch out for product recalls

For your safety, you can check the available government websites that post updates on product recalls.

Can you pursue a claim if a recalled product injures you?

Recalled products are those deemed unsafe for use. The manufacturing company will ask the public to stop using the product and promise a refund or replacement.

However, you can still sustain injuries from a recalled power tool. This can happen if the manufacturer warning never reaches you or the store you purchased it from sells recalled products.

Your chance to claim does not end just because a tool has been recalled. If your injuries are severe, you can still initiate a defective product lawsuit. However, be prepared. The manufacturer may argue that you should have known about the recall.

Even with evident physical injuries, securing compensation can be tough. Manufacturers have the resources to work with large law firms. Taking on these giants requires in-depth legal knowledge and thorough preparation. A tough and experienced personal injury attorney on your side may help level the playing field.