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What are my options if I am injured while working in the oil field?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2024 | Oil Field Accidents

The oil field industry is notorious for its hazardous conditions, and injuries can be life-altering. Explosions can lead to serious burns and faulty equipment can result in injuries. When those injuries are serious, it is helpful to understand your options to secure your future and protect your family.

The first step when injured while on-the-job after seeking medical attention is generally to file for benefits through workers’ compensation. If approved, this can result in funds to help supplement income while you heal from your injuries.

What are my options if workers’ comp is not enough?

When an oil field accident occurs, the benefits through workers’ compensation may not be enough to cover all of your financial needs. If the benefits offered through the workers’ compensation insurance provider are not enough, do not despair. You have other avenues to pursue the compensation you deserve, including the use of a third-party claim.

A third-party claim is a lawsuit filed against someone other than your employer. This option is available when a party separate from your employer contributed to your injury — which is relatively common when working in the oil fields. Examples include defective equipment manufacturers, negligent contractors, or other entities.

A successful third-party claim can lead to:

  • Compensation for medical expenses, including future medical care
  • Lost wages and future earnings
  • Pain and suffering

This claim can also result in additional funds if the court believes punitive damages, meant to punish the other party, are appropriate. These are generally only available in cases of gross negligence.

How do I pursue a third-party claim?

It is important to note that there are time limits to these types of claims. The legal world refers to these time limits as the statute of limitation. As a result, it is important to act promptly to better ensure you reserve the ability to move forward with the claim.

Serious accidents at oil fields are not uncommon and can result in the need for medical treatment and prolonged hospital stays. Those who suffer an injury in this type of situation are wise to put together a team to help navigate this situation. Medical professionals are likely necessary to help guide through the healing process and legal professionals to help gather funds to hold those who caused the accident financially accountable.