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The costs of limb loss caused by a car wreck

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2024 | Auto Accidents

Some of the worst car crashes that occur result in limb loss. People can lose hands, arms, feet and legs during or after a wreck. Collisions can potentially cause limb loss through a variety of methods. Some people suffer traumatic amputations at the site of a collision due to their position at the time of the crash and the motion of the vehicles involved. Other people may incur crushing injuries or incur multiple, severe lacerations. There are scenarios in which medical professionals make the decision to perform a surgical amputation due to the extensive damage caused to a limb or extremity in a car crash.

Limb loss is one of the most catastrophic injuries possible. It causes not just major medical challenges but also a variety of different financial complications. What makes limb loss so financially devastating?

Medical costs can be extreme

The first and most obvious source of financial pressure after limb loss is the medical care that someone requires. People often leave the hospital with thousands of dollars in medical bills. They likely require ongoing medical support in the form of physical therapy, rehabilitation services and even pain management.

Income may drop significantly

People in blue-collar professions may not be able to continue working a physical job after limb loss. They may need to move into a lower-paid position or profession. In some cases, limb loss might even leave someone unable to work at all. Even those in white-collar professions, like salespeople, may find that their injuries affect their earning potential. The combination of physical symptoms and the impact of a visible injury on people’s behavior could negatively affect someone’s income.

Adjusting can be very challenging

There are many expenses associated with adjusting to life after limb loss. People sometimes need to make major changes to their living spaces or vehicles so that they can continue to live independently. They may also require mental health support to deal with the psychological consequences of their injuries.

Many people who have experienced limb loss feel overwhelmed by the practical implications of their injuries. Pursuing a personal injury lawsuit filed against those liable for this harm is one way to limit the negative impact that limb loss might potentially have on a crash victim’s life.